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Over the past 15 years, nearly every aspect of dentistry has changed.  And one of the most popular changes today is the use of dental implants.  Prior to the onset of the Baby Boom generation, most badly decayed teeth were extracted and eventually a large portion of patients had either all or most of their teeth taken out and replaced with full or partial dentures. 

Dentures served a purpose and are still an acceptable treatment option. However your jaw bone thickness is there to support teeth.  When teeth are extracted, the bone reabsorbs over time which means that the dentures have to be relined, thus getting thicker, heavier and harder to wear.

But when dental implants are in place, they stop the bone from reabsorbing (with good oral hygiene) which is not only a dental advantage, but thicker bone is also a more youthful look.  Additionally with implants, it is possible to either lock your denture on to the implants or often times eliminate your denture altogether.

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MURRIETA Dentist | MURRIETA dental Implants |  CA

Dr. Cast doing Volunteer Surgery in Haiti

MURRIETA Dentist | MURRIETA dental Implants |  CA


39755 Murrieta Hot Spings Road #D-150

Murrieta, CA  92563