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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry is deeply based upon philosophy and medicine.

Traditional dentistry is a metal based method of restoring teeth.  From porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, (PFMs) partial dentures with a nickle based metal and even amalgam fillings which contain up to 50% mercury.  I have never understood, and still do not, why human beings can swallow excess scrap mercury amalgam materials as the fillings are being placed but if we spill some on the floor we have to use a bio hazardous protocol to remove it from the office.  Additionally, as you chew, mercury vapors are being released from the filling.  Please know that there is a strong, ongoing debate within the dental profession about the use of mercury fillings and while some sides go to extremes, I have reviewed significant literature and while I do not believe it is the most suitable restorative material, I also do not agree that it directly leads to death or other major health problems.

When it comes to crowns, the overwhelming majority that I place contain no metals.  The reason being is that I have seen thousands of traditional PFM crowns where the gum tissue next to it becomes slightly inf lammed and a slight purplish color. To understand the significance, please take a moment to click on our link to heart diseases...etc.   I believe you will find this information fascinating and perhaps it may end up saving your life of the life of a loved one.  Dentistry has evolved as a major player in the health care field in this country and it is with this understanding of our role to your overall care, that I have chosen to practice dentistry with an emphasis on holistic dentistry.

Advances in dental adhesives allows us to place life-like restorations with both a chemical and mechanical bond to the tooth.  I believe that this is significant in that it is less likely to leave open spaces which allow bacteria to grow and hide.   Eventually, however, this bacteria may end up in your blood and travel to every cell and every organ.  And the consequences can be deadly.  Consider that half of all people who die from heart attacks a year - 52% of all deaths in America - have normal cholesterol.  However the blood clot that killed them, called a "thrombosis" contains a bacteria found only in the mouth and throat.  So you see, the only way for it to get from the mouth to the heart is via blood circulation.

So if your gums bleed when you brush or floss, do not dismiss the red flag.   If you have bleeding gums, old metal fillings or crowns please give us a call today at (951) 698-1700 and together we can put you on a road to wellness.



MURRIETA Dentist | MURRIETA dental Holistic Dentistry |  CA
MURRIETA Dentist | MURRIETA dental Holistic Dentistry |  CA
MURRIETA Dentist | Holistic Dentistry. Dr. Doug Cast is a MURRIETA Dentist.


39755 Murrieta Hot Spings Road #D-150

Murrieta, CA  92563